10 gift ideas for tradespeople this Christmas

With Christmas on the horizon, the organised among you will already be wondering what presents to get for their loved ones. Finding the perfect gift that shows you really know and understand someone can be tricky (and a lot of pressure!). So if there’s a tradesperson in your life that you want to show some appreciation for, this list will give you some inspiration! Or, if you are a tradesperson and you’re tired of getting novelty socks, maybe just drop this under the noses of a few family members…


This is a great one for coffee lovers who spend a little too much on Costa runs. This handy gadget will give a proper shot of espresso and all you need is ground coffee and hot water! A convenient portable option, which will save someone who lives out of their van a lot of money, especially if they buy coffee multiple times a day. Something to make these chilly winters a bit more bearable.

Magnetic wristband

This is a real game changer for tradespeople! This handy tool ensures those fiddly screws no longer roll out of reach and saves having to run up and down ladders fetching small tools. The tradesperson you love will be surprised that you knew this was what they needed – maybe even before they did!

Professional radio stereo

Regular speakers and stereos are not as durable as professional lines, and if you want to get music on site then your kit is going to take some abuse. These models can withstand a bit of rough and tumble and are also splashproof, making them suitable for the environments most tradespeople work in.

Fleece-lined hoodie

Another fab option for the winter, especially when the cost of living crisis means most of us are keeping the heating off as much as possible so even indoor jobs are pretty chilly, never mind if you’re spending a lot of time outside. A thermal hoodie or joggers would also be a lovely option!

Spa experience

Aching muscles and joints are a standard part of a trade job, but how likely are any of us to book ourselves in for a spa day? Erm, not very. So why not treat the tradesperson in your life to a nice massage to undo some of those knots? Running your own trade business is also pretty stressful, so many of us would definitely benefit from an opportunity to relax and unwind!

Buzz wire drinking game

 For a bit of fun to enjoy at get-togethers over the Christmas period, why not gift a buzz wire drinking game? It’s a game where people with a steady hand excel, so a great chance for the tradesperson you know, who’s made a whole career of precision under pressure, to show off their skills!

Travel mug and lunchbox

We have all left our travel mugs and boxes somewhere, especially when we can be changing location daily, so even if they have one now, a backup is always welcome as losing them is somewhat inevitable. You could even get it personalised so they’re less likely to lose it, and the rest of the team are less likely to pinch their sandwiches.

Car visor organiser

Another good pick for keeping those bits and bobs safe, especially for the tradesperson who is always on the move using different tools all day long. Having a safe place to keep personal items where they won’t get mixed up with the clutter is incredibly useful.

Hand cream

Working with your hands, and working in any conditions that are any combination of cold, wet, and/or rough, leads to painful dry and cracked skin. But, as with the point about spa days above, as a breed we tradespeople are not great at taking the time to look after ourselves. So you can do it for them. A pocket-size one they can keep in the van would be ideal. The great thing about this is there are budget and luxury options available.

A cosy winter hat

There is something so Christmassy and special about a brand new hat, a silver lining for that dreaded first day back after time off.  A thick fleece-lined one will work a treat and keep your loved one happy on those chilly early starts.

What are you hoping for this Christmas? Apart from one of our tailor-made storage units to organise your van (if Santa is feeling extra generous). Come and tell us on Facebook or Instagram.

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