Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

What is our lead time?”  We build all our drawer storage units to order so it is 7 days.  If we can ship orders sooner, we do.  Delivery is via pallet courier and takes 3 – 5 working days.

Do we carry stock of products?”  We build everything to order.

Is delivery and VAT included in the price?”  Yes, the prices shown are with the costs all in.  We will send you a VAT invoice.

Is fitting free?”  Yes

How long does it take for a fitting?”  Fittings are at our workshop in East Sussex and generally take around a couple of hours for standard products.  We know your time is at a premium so we get you back on your way as soon as we can!

How long will it take me to fit/Is it easy to fit?”  It really depends on your skill set.  We have videos on our social media showing how to fit the drawers so you can see what is involved.  We offer a free fitting service at our workshop in East Sussex.

My vehicle isn’t on your website, can you make something for it?” Definitely!  Contact us – we can design, make and fit storage for all sorts of vehicles.

Do you do bespoke builds?”  Yes.  We listen carefully to what you would like and work closely to get your design spot on.

Is the unit removable?”  Yes.  Our drawer units are not fixed directly to your vehicle, the drawers fit snugly to the sides and it’s this tightness of fit that holds the whole unit in place.

Are your drawers waterproof?”  They’re made out of 12mm marine ply so are water resistant but not designed to be exposed to the elements.

Will the drawers fit if I have a roller shutter on my truck?”  Yes, we would invite you to come in for a fitting so we can adapt them to fit.

Do you make drawers for shotgun and accessory storage?”  Yes, we can make drawers to your specification to store your equipment.

Do you make units suitable for sleeping on? ” Yes, we make a sleeper unit that is suitable for sleeping on.  This is a bespoke build and will be fitted at our workshop in East Sussex.

Can we make units for camping equipment?”  Yes, we design and make units to your specification to incorporate sink units, stoves and camping gear.

Can’t see the answer you’re looking for?  Drop us an email at: sales@getstowed.co.uk and we will be happy to help!

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