Mitsubishi L200 Single Cab – Double Drawers

Keep your tools organised and out of sight with our drawer unit.

Made of sturdy 12mm marine ply with a chequer plate edge, this discrete unit is designed to be hard to spot through the vehicle windows.

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The top fits snugly to the sides of your vehicle – no lost tools down the sides.

Features two pull out drawers with lockable latches.  Each drawer comes with 2 adjustable half height dividers (additional half height dividers and full height dividers can be ordered separately) and the maximum load weight for the drawers is 80kg.  The internal measurement of the drawers are 212mm high x 428mm wide x 1175mm long.

The overall height of the unit is 307mm.

The overall length of the unit is 1474mm long.

Choice of finishes for the front of the drawer unit are: marine ply or black laminate.

Choice of finishes for the top of the unit are: plain or rubber matting*.

There is an option to have two access panels to take advantage of the space in front of the wheel arch.

Designed and manufactured by Get Stowed in the UK, our units are fitted without any fixings to your vehicle and can be removed later on if necessary.  Our units are designed to be fitted into vehicles with a canopy.  The canopy doesn’t need to be removed to fit the unit.

At this time, L200 drawers are available on a ‘fitting only’ basis, we do not ship.  

For enquiries regarding other makes and models of vehicles email us at:

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How it works

If you have one of the vehicles listed above, we have units tailor-made for your vehicle. You can get these delivered to your door for easy self-assembly (they slot straight into your vehicle – trust us, it really is easy!), or you can visit our Hailsham showroom to get us to fit them for you for free.

Don’t have one of those vehicles? Then we’ll make a unit just for you! Check out our custom-made solutions.

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