Clear workspace, clear mind: three reasons de-cluttering your van benefits you and your business

Have you ever felt frustrated by the frantic search for tools? Or taken one look at the mess in your van and shut the door to escape the chaos? Then this may be the blog for you.

Thanks to sophisticated brain scanners and some other cool tools, Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has found that our brains significantly prefer order, and that seeing disorganisation around us drains our cognitive resources and reduces our ability to focus. We are also less efficient at work when our environment is cluttered, and that’s even before you factor in the time spent searching for tools. Getting your workspace tidy and organised increases productivity, focus, and improves how you process information. Which not only means you’ll get more done in quicker time, but when all those hurdles come up expectedly, you’re much more able to handle them. It’s a no-brainer!

1. Clutter causes stress which delays problem-solving

When our workspace is a mess, so is our mind! Keeping an ordered environment reduces anxiety and stress. Given that mental health is already under strain for many of us due to the cost of living crisis, any steps to improve mental wellbeing are worth taking. A tidy workspace really does mean a tidy mind.

If that’s not reason enough, reducing anxiety and stress will make your business better. Keeping a clear mind is proven to create efficient decision-making and will show in your interactions with clients.

2. A tidy van means a tidy reputation

If you were a client seeking a tradesperson, one thing you would pick up on is how professional they seem. Being organised and tidy gives a great impression and shows that you know what you’re doing. Someone rummaging around in a messy van taking a while to find what they need won’t inspire the same confidence! Your van represents you and your business and taking some time to make it the best version it can be will keep your brand looking squeaky clean. Remember, first impressions mean everything in trade!

A better reputation also increases recommendations, which means even more work.

3. The workday really will pass faster

Not only does less stress make work more enjoyable, but it also makes time feel like it passes quicker. Also, the time you save will allow you to complete tasks quicker which may mean that early finish on Friday just got a little more achievable.

Trade work is hard, and you deserve time to rest, so why not make life a little easier on yourself?

So now that you know why you should declutter, here is the how.

Get Stowed provide customised storage which ensures you can keep your tools organised. The units are tailor-made to fit and match your van so nothing looks bulky or out of place. They look clean and show dedication to high quality, giving your clients more faith in you providing them with a quality service. The units also keep tools out of sight from opportunist thieves meaning no stress there – promoting even better productivity!

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