Elevate your Farrier Business

In the world of farriery, efficiency is everything. It’s an intricate skill, and as a farrier, you understand the importance of having your tools and equipment readily accessible at all times. That’s why investing in smart van storage solutions is not just a convenience but a necessity. Get Stowed, a reputable UK-based company specialising in slide-out trays, drawer units, and shelving systems for vans and 4x4s, offers the perfect solution to streamline your operation and boost productivity.


The Benefits of Organised Van Storage

Studies have shown that an organised workspace leads to increased productivity and reduced stress levels. According to a survey conducted by OfficeMax, 77% of respondents stated that clutter negatively impacted their productivity, while 91% believed that an organised workspace improved their efficiency. This demonstrates the tangible benefits of maintaining an orderly environment, whether in an office or a mobile workspace like a farrier van. 


Shelving Systems: Maximising Efficiency

With Get Stowed’s customisable shelving systems, you can transform your farrier van into a model of organisation. By having designated spaces for shoes, nails, rasps, pads, and other essentials, you can eliminate the chaos of searching for misplaced items. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that individuals working in an organised environment were able to complete tasks more efficiently and accurately compared to those working in a cluttered space. 


Drawer Units: Quick Access, Less Hassle

The convenience of drawer units cannot be overstated. By neatly storing your tools and accessories in drawers, you can significantly reduce the time spent searching for specific items. This is supported by research from the National Association of Professional Organisers, which found that individuals spend an average of 55 minutes per day looking for misplaced items. By implementing efficient storage solutions such as drawer units, farriers can reclaim valuable time and focus on their craft. Imagine losing nearly ten days a year just to look for items?!


Slide-Out Trays: Space Optimisation at Its Best

Whilst a slide out tray may not work for Farriers specifically – if you are a veterinarian or work in animal care, a slide-out tray may offer a practical solution for maximising space and accessibility in your van. By utilising every inch of available space, you can ensure that all your tools are within arm’s reach. If you have a well-organised workspace, you will report higher levels of job satisfaction and lower stress levels. This highlights the importance of efficient storage solutions in promoting a positive work environment. 


Investing in Efficiency with Get Stowed

In conclusion, the benefits of organised van storage extend far beyond mere convenience. By investing in smart storage solutions from Get Stowed, farriers can optimise their workspace, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels. With shelving systems, drawer units, and slide-out trays, you can create a streamlined environment that sets the stage for success.


You can use a mix of bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions to create the perfect product for you and your needs.


Don’t let clutter and disorganisation slow you down. Visit Get Stowed today to discover how our van storage or 4×4 storage solutions can revolutionise your farrier business and take your productivity to new heights.

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