Van & 4×4 Drawers: Discreet ‘False Floor’ Storage

At Get Stowed, we understand the need for discreet van and 4×4 storage systems that help you stay organised all day every day. Our ‘false floor’ van drawers maximise the space in your commercial vehicle providing a hidden area for tools and equipment to be out of sight from prying eyes.

More and more tradespeople are turning to off-the-shelf and bespoke vehicle storage solutions like Get Stowed to keep their gear neatly organised. Let’s explore how our high quality marine-ply UK-made van drawers can make your workday a little less stressful.

What are van drawers exactly?

Van drawers are built-in storage compartments that sit ‘hidden’ like a false floor in your van. They slide out smoothly and are lockable, allowing easy access to tools, equipment or whatever else you need to store discreetly.

Seamless integration 

Our drawers fit snugly into the existing space, looking as though they are a natural part of your van’s original design.

Easy access 

With a simple pull, the drawers extend fully, making it easy to reach items without having to climb inside or move other equipment around.

False floor design 

The standout feature of our van drawers is the false floor design. This not only maximises the usable space within the van but also keeps stored items out of sight, offering an additional layer of security against theft.

Custom fit

Tailored to fit various van models, our drawers ensure that every bit of space is used efficiently, enhancing your van’s functionality without compromising on storage capacity.

Our van and 4×4 drawers are more than just a simple storage solution; they’re a smart enhancement to your mobile workspace, designed to keep your tools out of sight and your van better organised.

Buy van or 4×4 drawers for your vehicle

If you’re looking to upgrade your work vehicle with efficient and lockable storage, our custom van drawers are the perfect solution. Whether you drive a Ford Transit Custom, VW Transporter, Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic or more… we’ve got you covered! 

Our van drawers are designed to fit seamlessly into these popular models, enhancing their functionality without compromising on style or space. Optimise your workspace on the go with our bespoke storage solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your trade and vehicle.

Ford Ranger drawers

Get Stowed’s Ford Ranger 4×4 drawers come in either double, large double or triple and are available to buy online or request a quote for a bespoke design if necessary. The units are designed specifically for the Ford Ranger models from 2016 onwards with a factory fitted plastic base, we can supply and fit units for roller shutter models and for other vehicles on request. View all Ford Ranger drawers »

Ford Transit Custom drawers

We have an extensive range of Ford Transit Custom drawers including our most popular Crew Cab SWB double drawers, our full base drawers and also a single side door drawer for additional storage. Visit the full product lists online or request a bespoke quote if you can’t find what you’re looking for. View all Ford Transit Custom drawers »

VW Transporter drawer storage

Our VW Transporter drawers are available to buy directly on our website or alternatively via the request a quote function. A popular option is our ‘full base’ LWB double drawers that have a sliding door slide-out drawer and top hatch for easy access. We also have slide-out trays available. View all VW Transporter drawers »

Toyota Hilux 4×4 drawer storage

Take a look at our range of Toyota Hilux 4×4 drawer storage that includes large double drawers, triple drawers and slide-out trays to maximise space and efficiency moving job-to-job every day. These have been specifically designed with lockable latches and are available for all Toyota Hilux models. View all Toyota Hilux drawers »

We build all our drawer storage units to order so our lead time is 7 days to despatch.  If we can ship orders sooner, we do.  Delivery is via pallet courier and takes 3 – 5 working days. Free fittings are at our workshop in East Sussex and generally take around a couple of hours for standard products.  We know your time is at a premium so we get you back on your way as soon as we can!

We hope this guide has helped you in choosing the perfect van drawer storage system for your needs. With the blend of cost-effectiveness, quality and local support Get Stowed offers, alongside our hassle-free installation service, you’re equipped to make an informed decision that enhances your vehicle’s functionality and security.



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