What are Get Stowed units, and how do they work?

I’m sure most of us have had this happen: You send someone down to the van to get something, he comes back twice because he can’t find it, you send him back twice with detailed instructions on where it is, but in the end it’s just easier to stop what you’re doing and go yourself to show him… Except when you get there, it’s not where you thought it was at all. You both spend the next ten minutes rummaging about in the van trying to find it. You saw it the other day so you know it’s in here – somewhere! You’ve got that sinking feeling in your stomach because you know your helicopter client is watching you disapprovingly while you shift kit about – or, even worse, they offer to help. Now you’re going to be late to your next job, you might even have to push it back until tomorrow and you won’t be able to take on that other job that’s just come in. You’re losing time and money and you’re really, really irritated.

Another, more serious, scenario many of us have faced is when some low-life has smashed their way into your van or truck and made off with your tools. It happened to me on site about ten years ago in an exhibition hall in London (remember exhibitions in the pre-Covid era?). After working through the night, I was looking forward to getting in my van and going home for some well-earned rest, only to find my van had been broken into and my tools had been nicked. Although the insurance company eventually paid up, I had to take a day off work, that I couldn’t really spare, to go and replace my tools right away out of my own pocket, because without them I couldn’t work. Some of them were irreplaceable – I’d had them with me for more years than I care to remember, and, I’ll admit it, they were of sentimental value because I learned my trade on them as a spotty 17-year-old apprentice cabinet maker.

Those experiences are why we developed the Get Stowed storage units. We wanted to be able to load up the van with our tools put away tidily, in a way that wouldn’t look appealing to anyone peering in. So we designed these units to sit on the loadbed of a truck/van, with two drawers, each of which has two half-height dividers, so that each piece of kit can have its place, and everything will be tucked out of sight from opportunistic thieves. So now your tools can be stowed away and organised.

The Get Stowed units are made from sturdy 12mm birch faced ply, which gives them a strong framework and makes them easily adaptable to your individual requirements. The drawers latch shut, ensuring no movement in transit. We already offer lots of different options: longer drawers, deeper drawers, access panels to take advantage of the space in front of the wheel arch, lockable drawers and extra drawer dividers. But if there’s anything you want that we haven’t already thought of, all you have to do is ask and we can probably make it happen!

You can also choose a laminate front for your Get Stowed unit, and a black rubber matting or vinyl finish for the top. This makes it look really smart, and has the added advantage of making the unit blend in with your van/truck. So if anyone does peer in through your windows with bad intentions, it will just look empty.

The Get Stowed units are made to fit inside your loadbed without being screwed in. This makes it nice and straightforward to slot them in, with the top of the unit fitting the shape of the vehicle and holding the whole unit in place. It also means that, when you eventually come to part ways with your truck, you can choose whether to include the unit in the sale, or whether to remove the unit (with no damage to your vehicle) so that you can either sell it separately or keep it to use in your next vehicle.

We also do bespoke units for campervans and day vans, but more on that another time!

We can ship Get Stowed storage units anywhere in mainland UK, or fit them for free at our premises near Hailsham in East Sussex.

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