Your messy van is costing you £1,530 per year

We’ve all been there – you need a particular tool to do a job, and you know it’s in there somewhere. You only used it a few days ago. You just can’t seem to lay your hand on it…

But all that time you’re spending rummaging around soon adds up – and it adds up to an average of £1,530 in lost revenue per year.

We surveyed a range of tradespeople, and 75% said that they regularly had trouble finding tools or equipment in their vehicles, and they are spending an average of 10 minutes searching each time. Not only that, but three quarters of them said that a messy van makes it harder for them to do their job.

Messy vans aren’t just annoying, though. Having tools piled up in the back of a van may make them easier for opportunistic thieves to spot if they peer in.

50% of the tradespeople we surveyed have had tools or equipment stolen, and only 7% of them were able to fully replace what they’d lost with their insurance. Almost half had no insurance at all, whereas one third of theft victims found that their insurance didn’t cover, or only partially covered, replacement items.

If you’ve been following the story of Get Stowed, you’ll know that this is why we created our storage units in the first place. After we had valuable equipment stolen from our van, we wanted to find a way to keep tools out of sight. And it’s just possible that our van had been on the messy side a few times, too…

So it was great to hear from our survey that Get Stowed units have been helping tradespeople like us to get more organised. On average, your vans are pretty messy – we asked survey respondents to rate how disorganised their van was on a scale from 1 (super tidy) to 10 (super messy), and the average score without one of our units was a 7! But, customers with a Get Stowed unit said that after they’d got our drawer system fitted their van became a tidy 2!

This saves them a lot of time, makes it easier for them to do their jobs, and makes them more profitable.

So, with tradespeople across the UK still haemorrhaging money because of untidy tools, it’s time to get your kit together!

Check out our range of drawer units for vans and 4x4s so that you can stop wasting time rummaging around in your equipment.

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