Fancy a cheaper holiday this summer? Your van could be your new holiday home!

We’re all counting the pennies right now, and there’s no sign of things getting any easier anytime soon. But a family getaway is already sitting on your drive right now – with a few simple changes, your van or 4×4 could become a camper!

Now, you could blow the budget and turn your vehicle into a full-on campervan, but that probably defeats the purpose of saving money. And if you need your van for your business or day-to-day life, you’ll need it to be usable again at the end of your holiday. Instead, a few temporary or adjustable additions can make it a short-term holiday home that can be easily converted back into your regular van when normal life resumes.

So here’s what you need to do to get away this summer without having to load the kids onto a plane.

1. Storage

The beauty of taking your own vehicle on holiday is that you can take everything – up to and including the kitchen sink – along with you. A van provides you with plenty of space to load up your family’s belongings, but the trick is being able to find the thing you want in amongst it and still use the space in the van as well.

Get Stowed vehicle storage units are tailor-made to your vehicle’s specific requirements, and can be customised to your exact needs. With spacious drawers and innovative space-saving shelving, not only will there be room to neatly store and organise everything your family will want to bring along, but the unit creates a false floor within your van that can take the weight of your whole family so the space is still yours to use as you wish.

2. Insulation

It gets pretty cold at night in a van, especially in the great British outdoors, so, if you’re going to be sleeping in it, you’ll need insulation. Normal household insulation will do the trick, and can be covered over with panelling for a low-cost option. Or you can get purpose-made foil and foam panels.

On the flip side, sleeping inside a vehicle can also get pretty stuffy. So you may want to leave windows slightly open at night, or you can invest in some air vents for a more upmarket solution.

3. Bedding

The next question is what are you going to sleep on? You could go with the rustic option of air mattresses and sleeping bags, or you could buy a fold-up bed. There are a range of beds designed for van life, or you could get a foldable mattress (like this one from Wayfair) that can be used as a chair or a table as well. All these options tuck neatly away at the side of the van when you’re not using them.

4. Safety

Whatever you are using in the van, you will need to think carefully about the safety implications. For example, if the van is moving then all travellers need a proper seat and seatbelt.

If you’re going to be bringing any cooking equipment, such as a gas stove, then keep it away from any flammable items and take a portable fire extinguisher just in case.

If you want to explore the UK’s stunning countryside, we’ve put together a selection of the best van-friendly campsites for you to park up at. So get out there and have a well-earned break!

No matter what you want to take with you, we can design a unit to store it. Get in touch with your requirements and we’ll get you campsite ready.


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