Save yourself over £1500 by having a tidy van

Tired of the frustrating search for tools in your vehicle when you need them the most? We’ve all experienced that exasperating feeling of knowing it’s there somewhere but not being able to lay our hands on it. What you might not realise is that all that time spent rummaging around can cost you more than just a few minutes – it adds up to an average of £1,530 in lost revenue per year.


In our recent survey of tradespeople, a staggering 75% admitted to regularly facing difficulties in locating tools or equipment within their vehicles. On average, they spend around 10 minutes searching each time. Not only does this waste valuable time, but it also hampers their productivity, with three-quarters of them noting that a messy van makes it harder to perform their jobs efficiently.


But the issue goes beyond mere ‘inconvenience’. The sight of tools piled up in the back of a van can be an invitation to opportunistic thieves. In fact, our survey revealed that 50% of tradespeople have fallen victim to tool or equipment theft. Shockingly, only 7% were able to fully replace the stolen items through their insurance coverage. Nearly half of the respondents had no insurance at all, while one-third found that their insurance either didn’t cover or only partially covered the replacement costs.


At Get Stowed, we understand these challenges all too well, which is why we created our innovative storage units in the first place. Our mission was to keep tools out of sight and deter opportunistic thieves. And it turns out that our units have been making a significant impact. The feedback we received from survey respondents who use Get Stowed units has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, we asked them to rate the level of disorganisation in their vans on a scale from 1 (super tidy) to 10 (super messy). The average score without our units was a staggering 7, but with our drawer system fitted, their vans transformed into tidy spaces with an average rating of just 2.


This newfound organisation saves tradespeople a considerable amount of time, streamlines their work processes, and boosts their profitability. Think how many years you could have gone without a Get Stowed unit, and how much that could amount too. Ten years of lack of organisation could be a whopping £10,530 lost revenue. Not only could you invest in a Get Stowed unit to claw that back, you could also: 


  • Upgrade your tools: Invest in high-quality tools that can enhance your work efficiency and durability.
  • Professional development: Attend training programs or workshops to expand your skill set and stay ahead in your trade.
  • Marketing and advertising: Allocate funds to promote your business through targeted marketing campaigns or creating a professional website.
  • Business expansion: Use the saved money to expand your business operations, such as hiring additional staff or purchasing new equipment.
  • Emergency funds: Set aside a portion of the savings as an emergency fund to handle unexpected expenses or downturns in business.
  • Personal well-being: Treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation or invest in activities that promote your personal well-being, such as gym memberships or hobbies.


With the average van being a hotbed of disorder and tradespeople across the UK losing money due to untidy tools, it’s time to take control and get your kit together! 


Discover our wide range of drawer units and slide out trays designed specifically for vans and 4x4s, and bid farewell to the frustrating and time-consuming task of rummaging around in your equipment. Invest in a Get Stowed Unit and unlock the potential for increased productivity, improved organisation, and financial growth in your business.

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