Vehicle Storage: What is it & how does it work?

Whether you’ve experienced the frustration of rummaging through your vehicle to find a specific item or the devastating opportunistic theft of your tools, vehicle storage units offer a practical and secure (from opportunistic thieves) solution. 


At Get Stowed, we understand the importance of having an organised and protected space for your equipment, which is why we developed our innovative storage units. One day, after a long event in London, we got back to our van to find some opportunistic thief had pried open the door and made off with a load of expensive kit. Here comes the time pressure and expense of quickly replacing everything so we could carry on working, whilst awaiting for our Insurance claim.


After that experience, we thought, there has to be a way to make all this easier on small business owners like us. A cabinet maker by trade, Wayne (co-founder of Get Stowed)  loves creating designs out of wood, and we both love a challenge, so we put our heads together and came up with the Get Stowed unit.


Customisable storage for any vehicle – meaning to anyone peering in, it looks like the van is completely empty. If you get a new vehicle, the units can also be transferred. (Depending on the vehicle, some may need to be the same model and year as some manufacturers do tweak their designs) But we don’t fix directly to the vehicle, so it can be removed when you switch vehicles and can be sold on, or if you’re bit of a craftsman yourself, you might even be able to adapt it.


Picture this scenario: You’ve just arrived at a job. You need a specific piece of equipment and your helicopter client is watching you rummage through your van or truck whilst you’re trying to find it. They’ve not started to help you and all you can think about is how this is going to make you late for the rest of your jobs for the day. You’re losing time, and money.


So, why choose Vehicle Storage?


Enhanced Organisation:

  • Say goodbye to chaotic searches for tools or equipment in your van or truck
  • Vehicle storage units can provide dedicated compartments and dividers for each item, ensuring everything has its place
  • An organised system saves you time, reduces stress, and improves efficiency on the job


Increased Security:

  • Protect your valuable tools and belongings from opportunistic theft 
  • Get Stowed units are designed with discreet appearances
  • Laminated fronts and different finishes help the unit blend seamlessly with your vehicle, not standing out to prying eyes


Customisable Options:

  • Our sturdy units can be tailored to suit your individual requirements
  • Choose from various drawer sizes, lengths, and depths to accommodate your specific tools and equipment
  • Access panels and lockable drawers offer added convenience and security


Versatile Adaptability:

  • Get Stowed units are designed to fit effortlessly into the load bed of your van or truck
  • The top of the unit moulds to the vehicle’s shape, holding it securely in place without the need for screws
  • This easy installation process ensures that the unit remains stable during transit and can be easily transferred to a new vehicle when needed


Long-lasting Durability:

  • Our units are constructed from sturdy materials to withstand the demands of transportation and daily use
  • The robust 12mm marine ply framework ensures longevity and resilience
  • By investing in a high-quality storage unit, you protect your tools and equipment while minimising the risk of damage during transit


Vehicle storage units provide a practical and secure solution for professionals in various industries. With Get Stowed units, you can achieve optimal organisation, enhanced security, and peace of mind while on the move. Our customisable options and versatile adaptability ensure that your specific storage needs are met, while the durable construction guarantees a long-lasting investment. 


Don’t let disorganised chaos or opportunistic theft hinder your productivity and success. Explore our range of storage units today and experience the convenience and efficiency they bring to your workday. 

Contact us to discuss custom solutions or take advantage of our hassle-free fitting service near Hailsham in East Sussex. Have a browse of our 4×4 range here, check out our van range here, or simply get in touch.

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