Why Carpenters and Tradespeople Love Get Stowed

Whether you’re a carpenter, tradesperson, plumber, veterinarian or any other industry that requires a van – let’s be honest – the struggle to keep your tools and equipment organised is real! You may find that you spend more time hunting for a specific screwdriver or torch, than you actually do using it on the job. Well – worry not. Get Stowed has the GAME CHANGING solution that you have been dreaming of. There are so many reasons why people love our storage solutions – but let’s dive into some of the most common ones!


The Time and Money Saving Advantage

The first two reasons people love our storage solutions are because not only do they save time, they save money. Disorganisation can cost you more than a little frustration, it can really hit you where it hurts – your wallet. Our vehicle storage solution isn’t just a box kept in the back of your van or truck – it’s a time and money saving wizard. You’ll have no more wasted hours searching for that elusive drill bit. Time is money, and Get Stowed wants to ensure you have plenty of both.


Customisation for Individual Needs

Another reason is the customisation. We understand that every person is unique – just like the equipment you need to store and tools you like to keep. The customisability of these units is a game changer. You can pick your finish, decide how many drawers you have, whether you need a slide out tray and the fit you require for your vehicle. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what this customer had to say;


“After months of research to get the right boot drawer system with a bed extension for my Mercedes ML270 which I use for off grid camping, I was glad to find this company that completed a bespoke package for me to the highest of standard. 


I was more than happy to drive the two hours each way to get the work completed once I had seen the quality of their work.


I have been using my drawer system for a few months now with no problems whatsoever and I’m sure it will still be in good working order in 10 years time!”


Discreet Design: Blending In with Your Vehicle

Have you ever wished you could use magic to make items in your vehicle appear if they are not there? Get Stowed’s discreet design will achieve just that. It’s not just about storage; it’s about blending in seamlessly. So, when people glance into your van, all they see is an empty space. Your tools stay out of sight, and potential opportunistic thieves are left scratching their heads.


Case Study: A Success Story

Now, let’s dive into a real-life success story. Meet Wayne and Kerry, the brains behind Get Stowed. They’ve been in your shoes, dealing with the chaos of loading and unloading after a long day. The Get Stowed unit was born out of their own experiences, and it’s designed to make your life easier. Imagine the efficiency and organisation you could achieve – it’s not just a dream; it’s Wayne and Kerry’s reality.


Customer Testimonials

But don’t just take their word for it. Listen to other carpenters and tradespeople who’ve embraced Get Stowed. Their testimonials paint a picture of real-world experiences and genuine satisfaction. It’s not just about storage; it’s about making your work life smoother and more enjoyable.


“Get Stowed did an amazing job on our Van, from making the design to building it and installing it they could not be more helpful. Will be using these guys in the future.

Many thanks for your hard work Get Stowed”


“I had the twin rear drawer system fitted to my LWB Transit custom earlier this year at the factory and it’s performing great.


Well made and with a custom bin storage at the front it works great for me.


Highly recommended and great tem to work with.”


“Where to start?

  1. Professional Team
  2. Flexible and friendly Customer approach
  3. Advice provided as required
  4. Furniture made to personal requirements
  5. Good materials and finish
  6. No fuss, no hassle- quick and efficient
  7. Post-sale service

Summarising: A+++, top rated manufacturer. Thank you, Wayne, Wez, Nic and Kerry very much. Will use it again and recommend it to everyone.”


How to Get Started with Get Stowed

Ready to take the leap towards a more organised and efficient work life? Getting started with Get Stowed is a breeze. Order online, and you can have the units delivered to your door for easy self-assembly. Trust us; it’s as straightforward as it gets. Alternatively, pop into our Hailsham showroom, and we’ll fit them for you – for free!


FAQ Section

Now, you might have some burning questions. No worries – we’ve got you covered. Our FAQ section addresses common queries, offering solutions and insights to ensure you’re confident in your decision to choose Get Stowed.


“What is our lead time?”  We build all our drawer storage units to order so it is 7 days.  If we can ship orders sooner, we do.  Delivery is via pallet courier and takes 3 – 5 working days.


“Do we carry stock of products?”  We build everything to order.


“Is delivery and VAT included in the price?”  Yes, the prices shown are with the costs all in.  We will send you a VAT invoice.


“Is fitting free?”  Yes

Read the full list of FAQS here


In a nutshell, Get Stowed isn’t just about storage units; it’s about crafting convenience for carpenters and tradespeople across the UK. Save time, save money, and experience the joy of an organised van. Wayne and Kerry invite you to explore the convenience – your tools will thank you.

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