Organisation Made Easy: Drawer Storage Ideas For Your Pickup Truck

There’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than rifling through a messy truck looking for tools. There are so many benefits to organising your truck, from time efficiency to looking professional, there are no drawbacks to sorting it out. Here at Get Stowed, we offer customisation on storage solutions that work around your truck and your needs. 


Before diving into the ways of storing equipment, it’s essential to consider the needs of your trade. For example, landscapers will require fewer but larger storage solutions as they have bigger equipment to store. Electricians, on the other hand, have more tools and smaller equipment so will utilise divided drawer space far more. Knowing your business’s needs is the first step in assessing the kind of storage you will benefit from. Here are some great ways to optimise your storage space. 


Drawer Toolbox:

It’s such a nuisance when you are on the go and can hear your toolbox knocking around in the truck only to arrive at your destination and find damaged tools. Not only is it costly to replace them, but it also wastes time when you want to get on with a job. Installing drawers in your truck can prevent this damage and also make you more time efficient. Turning your drawers into your toolbox, and using drawer dividers to categorise each type of tool can solve this and means you can access them swiftly and prevent time wasted searching around for them. 


Base Drawer Units:

Here at Get Stowed, we have a range of base drawer units, including full-length, half-length and stacked drawer units. Drawers can be installed to open at the back of the truck making those regularly used tools always quick and easy to access. We also offer drawer dividers so you can customise how to store equipment. This has the long-term benefit of being able to alter how you divide your drawer space to fit your needs as they evolve. The partitions also mean you can organise and label different types of equipment, this is especially useful when you have a new apprentice, as it will be easier for them to locate the correct equipment quickly. The drawers also enable you to store tools safely out of sight. They also make a great impression on clients as they boast your organisation skills.


Bespoke Units

We can cater to anybody. Whether you are looking for van storage solutions for a vet, or looking to build a kitchen unit for your van, we can help you. We have assisted many customers with bespoke designs and builds and would be more than happy to assist you.


Organising Fragile Goods:

The advantage of base drawer units is that they keep anything stored there away from heavier items which could damage fragile goods. For example, if you have a lot of large equipment or construction materials, there may not be a suitable space for smaller items. Instead of balancing them atop the larger items, why not consider stowing them underneath safely in drawers? That way you know nothing will be damaged and you will be able to access them without moving heavier items.


Storage solutions such as these can transform your truck from a disorganised skip to a portable workshop! It’s certainly worth investing in storage solutions as it will save you time, money and labour. 


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