Organising Your Van Space: Practical Storage Ideas for Plumbers

With different trade, comes different needs, and unique solutions. Plumbers have a lot of equipment so creating a functional organisation space goes a long way. Not only will it save you time in looking for equipment, but it also looks more professional and saves distractions when seeking out tools.

False floor Space:

One of the best ways to make the most of your van without taking up too much space is through false floor storage. Placing draws beneath which can be accessed from the doors, enables you to access what you need quickly and without spending half an hour rifling through a van full of stuff.

For plumbers, the best way to use this space is to fill it with heavy equipment and pipes you don’t want rolling around. This can cause damage not only to your van but to your other equipment too. False floor drawer storage is also a great place to store everyday tools or equipment you use first so it’s accessible quickly and easily.


Shelving can be a fantastic use of space; it certainly adds a lot of useful storage potential! Having shelves enables you to divide smaller items into more specific sections. Deep shelving like these triple-tier shelving units is great for storing parts, fixings and components. As plumbers have lots of little bits of equipment, installing shelving throughout the van space is really beneficial and converts the van into a workshop on wheels. Having lots of shelf space also gives you plenty of room to individually store small parts like screws, pipe clips, washers, storing rings and so forth. Having an organised workspace goes a long way in saving time and also has been proven to make you less anxious and more productive!

Draw space:

Draws are an ideal way to keep bits and bobs together and organised. At Get Stowed we offer draw dividers that you can move around to reorganise as new storage solutions are required. We recommend labelling different areas of storage, especially for plumbers as there are lots of categories of tools. Colour coding different types of tools with labels gives a great visual aid making it easy to grab whatever you need straight away. Check out these units at Get Stowed which offer draw access from both back and side doors!

Draw space can be created through a false floor or it can be built in vertically, whatever works best for you! You may even opt for both, as plumbers have lots of small equipment, so they may need more storage areas. Storing less bulky items in draws under a false floor frees up floor space for larger items like vacuum cleaners, boilers and water cylinders.

At Get Stowed we offer units for all kinds of trades and can create storage solutions that work for you. We hope this has helped inspire some plumbers on how they could benefit from custom storage. Have a trade you want to know if Get Stowed can help you get organised with? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

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