Securing Your Valuables: Best Locking Storage Options for Your Pick-Up Truck

Leaving tools in plain sight can make your vehicle a target for opportunistic theft, which is why it’s important to store them out of sight. Get Stowed can make bespoke units to store your tools. Leaving your tools in plain sight is an open invitation for opportunistic thieves, but with a Get Stowed unit, you can store them out of sight.

Another significant advantage of using Get Stowed storage units is that they help keep you organised. With customisable dividers and drawers, you can easily sort and find the tools you need, saving you time and hassle on the job. The units can also be tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring that you have enough space to store all of your equipment.

In addition to keeping your tools tucked away and organised, Get Stowed units can also make your vehicle look smart and professional. A well-organised van or pickup with a sleek and modern storage unit can impress potential clients and show that you take your work seriously.

Here are some of our suggestions for different storage;

Lock box

One option is a locking box for the cab of your van or pickup. This is a good way to keep smaller items, such as iPads, out of sight. The box can be stored under seats or in other hidden areas.

Double or Single Drawer

Another option is a standard double or single-drawer unit. These units look sleek and keep you organised. They can be fitted with customisable dividers, making it easy to find the right tool quickly.

Extra Large Drawer

For larger items, we recommend the extra large drawer units. These offer more space than standard units and can store taller items. Drawers are great for keeping tools and equipment in, as a deterrent from opportunistic thieves.

Cab Storage

Overhead cab storage is also an option for storing paperwork and other documents. Keeping everything in your van means you won’t forget anything when you arrive at a job site.

If you’re a tradesperson, keeping your tools and equipment safe is crucial. Opportunistic thieves may target your van or pickup, so it’s important to store your tools out of sight. A Get Stowed storage unit is an excellent investment for those who value their tools. By keeping your tools out of sight and secure, you can save time and hassle on the job. Plus, a storage unit can make your vehicle look professional.

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